Find out how much you know in our electric car quiz

electric car quiz

Pit your wits against our cunning electric car quiz and see how much of an expert you really are. Some of the questions are straightforward, some of them not so. But we guarantee if you take the quiz you’ll learn something.


Well done. You certainly seem to have expert knowledge of electric cars.
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#1. What is the UK’s best-selling electric car?

Since it went on sale in 2011, more than 400,000 Leafs have been sold worldwide and the electric Nissan is the UK’s best seller.

#2. An electric car’s batteries will last for the life of the car.

It’s true. Nissan claims the average Leaf will last about 10 years but its batteries will be good for 20-22 years.

#3. What is the government Plug-in Car Grant for electric cars?

Initially £5000 the PiCG has been reduced to £3000.

#4. What units are used to calculate a battery’s capacity?

Kilowatts is a measurement of the rate that electric power (energy) is used at. Kilowatt hours is a measurement of energy and used to show battery capacity.

#5. What are the main sorts of UK charging points?

The main public charging points in the UK are rapid, fast and slow with the majority of connectors fast.

#6. You can charge an electric car using a household three-pin plug.

Yes you can but it’ll probably take quite a long time.

#7. Roughly how many public charging points are there in the UK?

According to Zap-Map in early April 2020, there were nearly 32,000 public charging points in the UK.

#8. A Tesla’s batteries are only 95% charged when they say they’re 100%.

That’s true. Fully charging batteries harms their lifespan so Teslas are programmed to only charge up to 95%.

#9. Charge a Nissan Leaf up to 80% on a rapid charger and it’ll take you around…

It’ll take about half an hour according to Nissan.

#10. What’s the claimed range of the latest Renault Zoe?

The Zoe’s range when it was launched wasn’t great. But now it has a 52kWh battery, it’ll go much further.